LEED Certification

The Park Santa Monica has set a target to achieve the highest LEED certification: Platinum. South- and West-facing apartments have movable screens that provide personalized control of shade and privacy and contribute to achieving LEED Platinum goals. Rooftop solar panels harness the sun’s energy to heat the outdoor pool and power the public space amenities. ​​On a daily basis, apartment residents will interact with many of the building’s sustainable systems.

Green Amenities In the Apartment Building

  • Storm water management system
  • Waste management and recycling during construction
  • Indoor air quality management
  • Construction materials with low negative humane health and environmental impact
  • Low-VOC materials
  • Materials with recycled content, including flooring and insulation
  • Locally extracted, processed, and manufactured materials
  • Strategic pest control design
  • Landscaping that incorporates non-invasive plants and high-efficiency irrigation

Green Amenities In the Apartment Residences

  • Energy Star–certified Bosch appliances including toilets, faucets, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines
  • Vapor ventilation in all bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Nest Thermostats in every residence
  • Home Energy Rating Services standard implementation

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

  • Recycling rooms are available with large bins emptied on a weekly basis
  • Essential amenities are within walking distance
  • Metro Expo rail line is just a 3-minute walk
  • Bicycle storage is available for apartment residents

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